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Thoughts of you dance everywhere.
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A brief stint in Indonesia for your Friday morning.

Anonyme a dit: How come you can't make time for all your friends? Why are some better than others?

My main problem is that I am too nice. But, let me explain:

I am greatly influenced by my surroundings. A lot of us are. My mood changes based on what my eyes see and how my brain takes it all in. I have friends that inspire me to be great. They’re the ones that light a fire in my chest and lead me on amazing adventures; they teach me new things about myself without realizing it. I love the people that push me to be better, go farther, and be stronger than I currently am. 
Then, I have friends that I can only stand to see once in a blue moon. I hate to sound mean, but these are the people that bring me down. They make me comfortable in my current state and question me when I start to grow and change. If I was always hanging out with these people, I’d probably still be living at home and wondering where my life was going.

The problem arises when I don’t want to be around someone sluggish. I just don’t know how to tell them this to their face, so I keep them at arms length. I know it’s not fair of me.

I’ve just come to realize that this is my life, and it will only be as good as I make it.

I make time for the people that I want to make time for. I suggest you do the same. 

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I remember a day when a storm raged in my house. It bubbled and frothed until my mother exploded out of the front door, escaping to a calmer sea.

My father watched her curls fly behind her as she carried the currents of their fading love outside.

"Why aren’t you chasing her?"

He just looked at me.

"Isn’t that what people do when they love each other? Run after her! Tell her you love her!"

He just looked at me

and with memories slowly escaping from behind his eyelids

he smirked and shook his head. 

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